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Learn to Sew: Tools to Aid Pressing

Just like there are additional tools to make sewing easier. There are tools to make pressing easier.


If you are going to be working with iron-on fusibles like interfacing. I do recommend getting a press cloth.

Press cloths are also useful when pressing more delicate fabrics. Fabrics with nap like velvets can be destroyed from heat directly applied to the fabric.

A pressing cloth or press cloth is something you sit on top of your fabric and then iron on top of that.

Some press cloths are more transparent than others. Silk Organza is a popular kind because it can take the high heat, but is still transparent enough to see what you’re pressing under it.

I have a light-weight cloth (about the weight of light broadcloth or batiste) and a heavier weight cotton cloth (almost like a lightweight canvas).

I’m still trying to convince myself to invest in a silk organza cloth.

Use that information as you see fit.

Curves Ahead

A couple other things to consider would be a pressing ham and a sleeve roll.

The pressing ham is great for pressing a variety of curves. You can use these for sleeve caps, bra cups, and the crotch curve of pants.

A sleeve roll is a tube that would fit inside a sleeve to allow you to press the sleeve seam.

I also find it valuable for pressing up the hems on sleeves. Especially on close-fit long sleeve knit tops.