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Learn to Sew: Why Make Your Own Clothes?

Well for one, you can make the style you want … not settle for the style that is available this season in the stores.

Two: You can make your clothes fit you.

Biceps bigger than the fitted shirts you find available allow for? You can accommodate that.

Hips more curvy than the popular pants style allows for and you’re constantly having to wear belts to prevent gapping at the back? You can address that.

You can make high-quality garments that cost less than buying them in boutique stores.

If you can make clothes from scratch, you’ll understand garment construction and therefore, be able to mend or adjust clothes you buy.

And it feels Damn good to make something that’s worth wearing in public. The sense of accomplishment is super gratifying.

“But! I can’t sew!” you say.

You might even be following it up with “I’m not creative”.

You might even be thinking “I’ll never be able to”.


Just … stop.

You probably can walk right now (if you don’t have some physiological reason preventing you). But I can guarantee you did not come out of the womb walking. You learned.

Likewise, you couldn’t write your letters out of the womb. You learned. If you were like me, you went to school and had to write them over and over again till they were passable… (Not saying it’s still legible).

If you drive a car, ride a bike or motorcycle you weren’t born knowing that either. Like your letters and walking, you learned.

You practiced.

So. yes, even YOU can sew.

With practice.

Maybe you can’t right now. (Or you kind of can, but you don’t think you can make super awesome garments.)

But, you can learn. And through practice, you can make cool shit.