Seamingly Badass

Sew, You Wanna?

Not everyone wants to look like they just stepped out of a “What Not to Wear” transformation with their pointy-toed shoes and polished office-wear looks or party dresses.

Some of us prefer a MUCH edgier aesthetic.









Whatever your style is.

Not every girl wants to dress feminine.

Not every boy wants to dress masculine.

Not everyone wants to look like a corporate drone.

Or a hipster.

And let’s talk about shopping.

Shopping can be so frustrating. I mean, seriously, how many pants do you have to try on before you find pants that are comfortable, fit and flatter.

After all that, are they really your “style”? Or are they just what was available in your price range?

Substitute: Shirt, jacket, skirt for pants… It doesn’t matter.

Have you ever had this idea in your head of a look or feature you wanted in your clothes and you Just. Can’t. Find. It.

Or, when you do, it’s WAY out of your price range.

That’s frustrating.



You can totally do nothing and accept status quo.

But I want you to know there’s an alternative.

Sure, you can also buy ill-fitting and stylistically uninspired clothes and pay someone to make them fit, or try to embellish them yourself.

OR, you can just skip all the frustration of that and make your own clothes.

(This goes for costuming too, which, are just clothes).