Banish your fear of the Sewing Machine.

I get it, the sewing machine can be intimidating. There are a lot of moving parts, it goes fast and there’s this sharp pointy needle that rapidly moves up and down.


Fortunately, you can get comfortable using the machine. Over time it will be like second nature to sit down and sew.

It helps to understand how the machine works, and safely practice using it so you can sew with confidence, knowing that you won’t explode needles or sew your fingers.

What’s in the Workshop:

How It Works

Learn about the common machine parts and operations so you have a better idea of how the machine functions.

Jam Prevention/Troubleshooting

Get some jam prevention and troubleshooting tips so you can sew with less frustration.

Safely Practice

Increase your comfort and confidence with the sewing machine with the included exercises that you can do safely.

One Low Payment


You get full access to the course material immediately.