About Me

My name is Neta and I’m an avid DIYer. My preferred maker medium is fabric. I was lucky enough to be taught how to sew at a very early age. Over the years that knowledge has afforded me the ability to make all sorts of awesome things.

This has caused me to accumulate too much fabric. It also has evolved into an “I can make that” attitude, which means, I rarely buy things. Which means, if I don’t get off my butt and sew some things, I’m not going to have any clothes. (What am I doing writing a bio?)

I also dance and have many times, found myself constructing costumes for myself and my dance troupe. Costuming for dance has its challenges with the need to physically conform to the body and allow a variety of motions as well as look good.

Do I do make things other than clothes? Yes. Yes I do. I have an overabundance of confidence in my ability to do things I don’t already know how to do. This has resulted in some spectacular failures. But I have also made some pretty cool shit.

I dabble in upholstery, housewares, and accessories as well as clothing. I’ve tried woodworking, paper maché, and ceramics. It’s not so much about doing all the things I know how to do. Often, it’s about rising to the challenge of doing something I don’t know how to do.

Don’t let the desire for perfection stand in the way of your pursuit of Badassery.

– Me