Super Cool Sewing Machine Feet

There are some cool and useful sewing machine feet beyond the basics that usually come with your machine. Here are a few you might want to consider. Though, none of these are strictly necessary for quality sewing.

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About the Blog

This. Is not your mother’s sewing and craft blog. I don’t make cute projects out of quilting cotton with tiny farm animals on it. I’m not going to make kitschy kitchen organizers or bathroom caddies. You won’t see baby blankets or toddler’s clothes.

My how-to’s are based on things I’ve learned and times I’ve failed. My preferred fabrics are satin, velvet, chiffon (though I hate sewing with chiffon, I like the way it looks), 2 and 4-way stretch fabric as well as other apparel and home décor based fabrics. My preferred aesthetics are fantasy, dark industrial, apocalyptic, gothic, steampunk and utilitarian. With a dash of modern sleekness. I build furniture, furnishings, clothes and costumes.

No, dear reader, this blog contains the musings and madness of a maker who pushes her own boundaries and gives the finger to her own lack of knowledge. For having a lack of knowledge only provides the greatest opportunity to learn. And learning is one of humanity’s greatest abilities.

Are you hungry for knowledge? Do you want to make your own badass shit? Through this blog, I hope to fulfill that desire. I’ll impart my knowledge, my successes and my failures.